Functional Solutions

Tile Skirting

Tile skirting is more than just for decorative purposes it also serves a functional purpose as well. Unlike the regular tile skirting options which are fixed to the walls, Swisstek aluminium skirting is easily taken apart and re-installed and also can contain spaces to new cables such as phone and electricity behind it, creating a much neater and refined look to any space.


  • Available height of 3ft and 4ft
  • Available in Balck and Wood finish colours
  • Availability of corner joint for perfect finish
  • Sufficient space for wiring



Offers a solid finishing look to your walls


Resist wear and tear, insects, termites, corrosion, rust, and other factors and perform well


To avoid damage of the wall and floor junction


Aluminum tile skirting can be installed in a few hours as the installation process is simple

Maintenance Free

Anti-corrosion and waterproof resistance to varying all types of weather conditions