Space Saving Solutions


Aluminium Partitions often work as separators for rooms or to create smaller portions of a room to be able to maximise on space. Partitions are primarily used in office or commercial space.Swisstek aluminium partition systems are able accommodate different boards and glasses, for more customisation. Partitions provide added privacy, and a distraction-free environment that also help reduce sound penetration. Swisstek aluminium partition systems are economical, low maintenance, easy and fast to install and are highly durable as well.


  • Network connection points can be directly incorporated
  • Professional and elegant design aesthetic
  • Easy to set up and customizable
  • Easy to clean and maintain


Quick and Efficient Installation

Adjustable floor connectors and snap on locking system, makes the setting up of a working space easy and quick

Fully Customizable

Wide array of designs that can be implemented simply by placing the sections in position and locking them together

Complete Solution

Offering all the features and design aesthetics, efficient design and a modular approach


Aluminum office partitions are the right choice if you are looking to make a cost-effective investment

Space Efficient

Aluminum partitions in general have lesser width than other partitions. Owing to this factor, they take up much lesser space