Safe And Durable


Swisstek Aluminium offers a wide range of durable and versatile aluminium handrails to keep you safe. Unlike wood railing, aluminium railings are waterproof and also fire and termite resistant making it ideal for you indoor and outdoor staircases and balconies.


  • Aluminum railings are lightweight and can be customized to meet any of your requirements
  • Available in your choice of powder coated colours or wood grain finish
  • Aluminum railings are the best choice for outdoor railings
  • Offer safety and increase the aesthetic appeal of the property



Aluminum is more malleable when compared to steel railings and can retain its structural integrity


Aluminum railings don’t rust or corrode. They withstand harsh weather conditions


Don’t have to apply any protective metal coating or any chemical treatment to resist corrosion


Aluminum railings can be installed in a few hours as the installation process is simple


Aluminum railings are a one-time investment and require less maintenance