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Curtain Walls

Swisstek Aluminiuim offers a range of curtain wall profiles for small scale or large scale projects. With our cutting edge technology, resources and expertise we offer solutions for the most complex projects, by providing an enhanced design component without compromising on safety, stability, insulation capacity, and overall functionality.


  • Elegant component that helps to define the unique architectural aesthetics
  • Cost-effective to maintain ideal for environments that get a lot of rain
  • Stopping the spread of fire
  • Give maximum ventilation


Natural Light

Less energy is wasted on artificial lighting costs, which helps the environment too

Structural Stability

Aluminium curtain walls can strengthen a building, especially for such a lightweight structure often filled with glass

Lightweight and Flexible

Incredibly flexible, taking in own personal aesthetics as well as creating a structure that will help strengthen a building

Attractive Design Values

Aluminium curtain wall structure can really add to the design value of a building

Thermal Regulation

Aluminium curtain walling is particularly good at keeping heat in making it ideal for thermal regulation