Stay Organized

Shoe Rack

Keep your home clean and organised with Swisstek Aluminium Shoe Racks. These shoe racks are made using the highest quality aluminium making it lightweight and durable. Swisstek Aluminium Shoe Racks are rust-free and are low in maintenance, thereby helping you keep your home clean, organized.


  • Architectural designs
  • Anti-dust accumulation
  • Portable and easy to assemble
  • 4 tiers with spaces solution for more pairs of shoes


Easy to Handle

Without any trouble, one person can handle aluminium ladder effortlessly

Maintenance Free

Anti-corrosion and water proof resistance to varying all types of weather conditions


Widened anti-slip step for comfort and safety


They are comfortable for your feet, allowing you to stand on them for a long time


Wide non-slip steps provide comfort and stability