Strength And Support

Roofing Solutions

Swisstek Aluminium Roofing Solutions can be installed in any existing residential or commercial property and can be adapted to a variety of different styles and types of roof’s. Swistek Aluminium Roofing Solutions are made of the highest quality aluminium, they are lightweight, water, fire and termite resistant and can be custom-fitted as desired by our team of expert craftsmen and fabricators.


  • Solution available for Purlins and Rafters
  • Aesthetic and architectural designs
  • Esay installation
  • High strength aluminium frames



Aluminum Purlin and Rafer give the beauty and elegance than other traditional roofing materials


Can be used indoors and outdoors


Maintains the stability for weather tightness of wind loads

Maintenance Free

Anti-corrosion and water proof resistance to varying all types of weather conditions

Fully Recyclable

Aluminium is 100% recyclable and recycled aluminium is identical to the virgin product