A Sensible Choice

Bathroom Doors

Swisstek Aluminium is highly resistant to moisture and humidity. This makes it one of the best materials for making aluminium bathroom doors as it doesn't get damaged by excess water spillage and humidity inside bathrooms making it the most durable solution for your home.


  • Wide range of architectural design (Full panel type, General Type and Economy Type)
  • Available in your choice of powder coated colours or wood grain finish
  • Easy Installation
  • Door size 27" X 75" with frame and lock


Door size 27" X 75" with frame and lock

Not able to retain moisture, so they don’t rot, rode, rust, fade or flake like other metal


No decay, no warp, no termite attacks and no fungus

Better Appearance

Designs are considered excellent for enhancing the overall aesthetics of any modern architecture

Ease Maintenance

Free from periodical expenditure on paint or polish

Water Proof

Ideal for use in any weather condition, even in areas near the ocean