Perfect Your Aesthetic

Panel Doors

Panel doors are great for exterior spaces; they create a sense of privacy along with flexibility through colour and design. Panel doors are also suitable for interiors as they can block out sounds, and turn every space into a cocoon of comfort. Panel doors are popular due to the fact that their construction makes the door a more solid design solution.


  • Available in your choice of powder coated colours or wood grain finish
  • Aluminium panel doors integrate better with windows
  • Resilience to elements and longevity
  • Doors can be fixed with different louvre designs


Infinite Desigs

A wide range of different door designs, from simple and classic to modern and extravagant

Reliable Security

Ensure an exceptional level of anti-burglary security

No Bending

Exceptional resistance to temperature changes due to its structural stability

Easy Maintenance

Swing doors don't easily rust or discolour, Quickly vacuum then scrub with a soft cloth


Resist wear and tear, insects, termites, corrosion, rust, and other factors and perform well