Light Meets Air


Allura Louvres and Screens are the ideal choice for your home as it provides ventilation along with security and protection. Allura Louvres and Screens keep away external elements and insects without having to compromise on air flow. Louvres are able to be tightly sealed shut to keep out water and wind while Louver Windows are a good option for breezeways, allowing for natural air flow, creating a secure, yet well ventilated space.


  • Provides excellent protection against water penetration
  • Aluminum louvres are available in a number of sizes
  • Easy to install in any given space
  • Anti-dust accumulation



Louvers should allow air flow through its free area with minimal resistance


With great strength-to-weight ratio, aluminium louvers are arguably one of the more durable features of any building


Can easily be installed with little difficulty and can be assembled in a few profiles without a strength compromise


Reduce the need for high energy-consumption ventilation equipment like heaters and air conditioning units


Aluminium is extremely versatile, making them easily bent, cut, and shaped into form