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Price/ Quality

At Swisstek we engineer aluminium products using superior quality billets made of virgin metal, which are then processed to meet global standards.

Swisstek guarantees that its systems meet the highest technical specifications and standards which is why we confidently issue a 10 – 25 year system guarantee.


10-25 Years Warranty

Swisstek Aluminium is the first company to claim the Qualicoat SEASIDE international accreditations.


Qualicoat Sea Side

This guarantees the implementation of a quality management system within Swisstek Aluminium


ISO 9001:2015

This offers a guarantee to all clients on the quality and standard of the product


SLS 1410:2011

Jotun’s coatings and coating systems are extensively tested by professional test institutes and classification societies.


Jotun Approved Applicator Certificates

We offer a continous testing and cutting-edge technology for optimal product quality and performance


Cutting-Edge Technology